5 Best Things to Order at Morimoto

Wether you know him as a famous Iron Chef or have heard legend of his contemporary Japanese cuisine skillset, Masaharu Morimoto’s flagship restaurant is right in our backyard here in Philadelphia. If you decide to skip the chef tasting and opt for an a la carte experience, here are 5 must trys! 

Fiery Chocolate Tart 

We know we are not supposed to start with dessert, but how can you not when Morimoto is serving this outrageous Chocolate Tart. It is as deliciously unbelievable to eat as it to look at!

Duck Duck Duck 

All we can say is, YES YES YES! 


Wagyu Dumplings

These dumplings are delectable pockets of perfectly seasoned Wagyu. Want to drink the broth these babies are served in? Go for it. We won’t judge!


From the plain rolls, to the more adventurous, this sushi is of the absolute highest caliber.

Toro Tartare

If you love tuna, THIS is the dish for you! Fresh, light, and absolutely delicious!

BONUS ITEM – Awai Shiro Cocktail

There is an incredible sake pairing that we highly recommend however, this cocktail is not to be overlooked. Think of it like a crossbreed of a pina colada and a martini. Cheers to that! 

Ultimately, no matter what you land on, we believe this is one of those special dining experiences. You can tell that not only is Morimoto passionate about his craft but above all, he is an artist. 

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