When it comes to business marketing, what better tool is there to use than social media? Not only are there social aspects and user engagement, but each platform offers unique business advantages for content marketing such as brand awareness, shareability, promotion, audience controllability and relationship building.

After rummaging through the social clutter I’ve narrowed down to the top 6 social media
platforms beneficial for business promotion.These include; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Each uniquely designed, each uniquely beneficial for particular social goals, each broken down below.


Since its start in 2009 Facebook’s growth has skyrocketed making this social media platform the most popular and suitable for all businesses. With over 1.7 billion active users today, Facebook offers a strong community presence which not only allows businesses to be part of a broad network, but also offers high levels of customer engagement. Now Facebook itself may not generate sales, instead it offers a platform for brand presence, increasing brand recognition with helps build relationships between a business and its consumers as well user engagement helps foster long term relationships. As well facebook offers several opportunities for businesses to advertise.


YouTube, known specifically for visual and audio content, currently has an average of 1.3 billion active users making this platform prime for video content. Being so, YouTube is ideal for music, how to’s, comedians and short films. The unique advantage for this platform is the shareability feature enabling content to become viral. As well users can create a channel in which viewers can subscribe to and engage with.


This platform is uniquely designed for visual storytelling. Therefore if your
business can be shared through visual content or live streaming, Instagram is a goldmine. With approximately 400 million active users, instagram is extremely popular amongst the younger generation because it allows for audience engagement
and following, which in return helps with brand awareness and customer relations.


When it comes to business savvy LinkedIn in the leading social platform. With nearly 106 million active users, this platform is excellent for B2B or business minded individuals. If your goal is networking and industry specific LinkedIn is a excellent place to start. As well you can utilize these tools to build professional connections, networking or gaining future employees.


​In short Twitter is an ongoing conversation, which is ideal for customer engagement. With an active user count around 68 million men and women, this platform is ideal for In the Moment trending. So for businesses that constantly have news, updates and questions, Twitter is the space to be.


Just like Instagram, Pinterest is an highly visual platform used for content sharing. On average pinterest consists of 58.6 million active users and more than half of these users being women. So if your business is in a highly visual industry you should utilize what Pinterest has to offer. Not only is this platform visual engaging its trendy.

In Conclusion

After viewing all six you should be able to determine which are suitable for your business needs. Now which one(s) you should use strongly depends on your goals, and if you want to havesuccess don’t try to dominate them all. Instead of juggling all 6 start by mastering 3. Once youfind your niche in the social platform then yes branch out or even better hire a team to assist.

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