How To Set Your Profile Picture On Zoom

Zoom is the leading remote video conferencing tool. With COVID-19 quickly changing many people’s work meetings, more people are using this platform than ever before. In many cases, the video conference adds a more personal element. However, sometimes you may want to show a professional picture instead of your video in Zoom. Here is a step by step of how to change your profile picture on Zoom.

1. Open The Zoom App

While it is easy to turn off your video view settings in Zoom, typically your square is replaced with your name. In many cases a Zoom call would be used for work, so this is a great way to remain professional even if you do not want your video camera on. 

Open The App and click on Settings. 


2. Click “Edit My Profile”

If you are working on a Mac, advanced settings will pop open. Click On “Edit My Profile”. 

3. Zoom.Us

This should take you directly to the Zoom.US login page. 


4. Login and Change Profile

Once you are logged in, click the “Change” Button under your profile. 

5. Upload Your Photo 

Upload the photo of your choice and crop it to your liking. Click “Save” once completed. 


6. Double Check

Open the Zoom app on your device. Make sure the video is off and that you are happy with your choice! 

All Done!

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